As a child, my father who was a painter taught me drawing and painting, later I discovered the fascinating world of photography.

Visual art gives me the freedom to pursue my creativity, employing my skills to express my own ideas and communicate with others.

My inspiration comes from all sorts of sources, anything that allows me to think about the culture that I am part of. I Observe Architecture, I Observe design, I observe individuals within the street, I watch films, I read, I hear music.

It's all about the little everyday things, observing them with a critical eye, allowing the mind to go wild and using a mixture of humor and a disciplined eye to make a piece of Art.

You need to have a robust independent points of view and a mature grasp of the range of critical debate surrounding contemporary art.

“When people look at my picture I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.” ― Robert Frank

I would welcome any comments that anyone cares to share.

Best regards,

Israel Ben Ari